Real Time Algorithmic Trading Program


Trading AlgoThe Real Time Algorithmic Trading Program is a momentum stock trading algorithm with a built-in proprietary scoring model. The proprietary scoring model was developed to help you to find the best momentum stocks to trade and the most profitable entry and exit points. It is extremely important to note that our algorithm is not one of these alert systems that simply tell you when certain preset conditions have been met. Our algorithm is a live feed of information about the momentum stocks. The information is constantly changing as the stock trades and the variables adjust. The scoring system is live and as the momentum variables adjust so does the score. The reason we look for momentum stocks to trade is that they are the most technically predictable. We all know that predictability is a trader’s greatest asset. We are so confident you will profit from this algorithm that we offer you a FREE 3-day trial with no obligation. The program runs on the Stealth Alert platform which requires a Windows based operating system.

* Find Momentum Stocks
* Scoring Model Uses Over 25 Adjustable Independent Variables
* Real Time Live Feed Trading Algorithm
* Scoring System that Adjusts Based on Market Variables

    View a Video of How The Algo Works